I am certainly not a professional yatchsmen or sailor. You will not find me arguing the finer technical points of when to use a spinnaker or what type of rigging is appropriate for sailing solo. However, you will find that I will ocassionally post something about sailing whenever I can. When I visit my parents I usually attempt to make sailing around a top priority. My parents have a couple houses in coastal areas. One in North Carolina in the marshlands, on in Ft. Pierce on the Indian River, and another on Summerland Key. Each of these places offers some great  opportunities to get out and listen to the breeze in the sail.

Sunset over the Marquesas Keys (Summer 2010). Picture taken by Ken Gloeckner.

As I mention in the “About” section, one of my favorite places to visit is the Dry Tortugas. I have not yet had the fortune to visit the Carribean (though this is a goal of mine), but I imagine it cannot be much more profoundly beautiful than the Dry Tortugas. The Tortugas are a group of ever-changing, ever-shifting sandy islands roughly 70 miles west of Key West. Ft. Jefferson, an old fort to be used by the US Navy as an “advanced post” to protect trade in the Gulf, is one of the world’s largest brick structures. Surrounding the fort are a number of well-preserved wrecks that can be snorkeled. The water is clear to the point it is surreal. It is easy to see 20 to 30 feet down through the surface (something that is simply not possible in the silt-saturated coastal waters of Florida and elsewhere). There are few other places as pristine and untouched as the Tortugas. If you get a chance to sail (or fly) there, please do not skip the opportunity! You will not regret it!

A small one- or two-person sailboat I enjoy sailing. Picture taken near the American Shoal Lighthouse in the Florida Keys.


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