The Education of Henry Adams

That’s an odd title for an autobiography, isn’t it? But it does say something both about the writer and the style in which it was written. Written entirely in the third person (more on that later), Henry Adams completed this book — a sort of mixture between memoir and theoretical historical musing — and distributed […]

Hello! I am back with an update on the fish tank! I have been inexcusably and neglectfully slow in updating about this. So I will start where I left off with my last update on the tank. At that point, we were preparing the saltwater mix. As you can see to the right, there is […]

The racial explanation of civilization’s development has been the cause of a great deal of suffering in the world. Many see countries dealing with severe poverty or embroiled in continuous war between factions as evidence of some important racial differences. They use this world perspective to rationalize their biases (or flat out bigotry) and perpetuate hate. […]

An amateur’s journey in saltwater aquariums Around a year ago, I was at a friend’s house admiring their saltwater aquarium. When they noticed I was staring intently at the tank, they mentioned that it was not as hard to start or maintain a saltwater tank as people often think. In fact, simply understanding the biology […]

In the “Sailing” page and the “Travel” page, I mentioned a trip in Summer of 2010 to the Dry Tortugas. Since the Dry Tortugas are, by far, one of my favorite travel destinations, I thought it would make sense to post some content (with nice pictures) of the Tortugas. The pictures included here were taken […]

Last year, our roadtrip took us from Tallahassee, FL all the way to Fundy National Park in New Brunswick, CA, around through Quebec to Quebec City and Montreal, then further west to Toronto and Niagara Falls, before heading south to Washington DC and, finally, back to Tallahassee. For the general travel mileage between primary destinations, the trip was 4,911 […]

Squirrels. You may have heard of them. After several attempts to make our birdfeeder impossible to reach, the squirrels always seem one step ahead. At first, I simply threw up the birdfeeder without caring how it was hanging. I quickly learned that squirrels are clever enough to know when a rope is attached to the […]