Updates! GoodReads, Movies, Et Cetera.

Featured imageIt’s been a while!


Since I last updated this blog, a lot has happened! The biggest event (or one of the biggest) of my life occurred on August 16 when I married my best friend, Bonnie. We had a very non-traditional wedding ceremony to say the least! We got married in a movie theater and basically everything was, in one way or another, movie themed! One of the many ways in which we kept it movie-themed: The ringbearer, our nephew, was dressed as Frodo from the Lord of the Rings!

We also sent out invitations based on classic movie posters such as Casablanca, Plan 9 From Outer Space, and The Shining (my favorite!). Our friend, Amanda, helped us with the invitations and did a brilliant job capturing our vision for the invitations. She also helped us with several other things.


One reason why I might be neglecting this blog is, in part, due to starting a GoodReads profile. Whereas before I used to post short reviews of books I had recently read to this blog, I now save those for my GoodReads profile. You can find my GoodReads profile by navigating here: CLICK ME!

Regarding books, there’s another thing worth mentioning. After setting up my GoodReads profile, and accounting for the various “genres” of books that I have read, I’ve realized I have been pretty narrow in terms of the genres I’ve read. So I’ve been actively trying to broaden my horizons a bit by reading books on topics where I feel especially deficient. Moreover, my long-term goal is to read widely on a lot of topics and (attempt) to cover as much of the natural sciences as I can manage.


I’ve had a couple hiccups (to put it mildly) with school over the past half year. This is likely another reason why I’ve been inactive on this blog. However, we’ll know for sure whether this whole “higher education” thing is really for me come the second week of January.

Besides that, I continue to ponder different topics in my field of study and continue to think about my dissertation topic and how I might improve it. Moreover, I’ve been thinking about future topics and articles that I think would interest me if I am inclined to try to publish something besides my dissertation work. I’ve become much more interested recently in human capital theory and particularly the distribution of income, wealth, and productivity, and how these relate to human capital.


Lastly, like many newlyweds, my wife and I are going on a trip in a couple weeks to Europe. We’ve booked our flights from Miami on December 19. We’ll be flying first to London for a short layover, then to Amsterdam (our first “official” destination). From there, we’ll be taking the EuroRail to Paris, Zurich, Vienna, Budapest, Prague, Berlin, and then back to Amsterdam (where we’ll fly out of on January 3). I expect I’ll have a lot to share on this blog once we’ve returned!


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