Summer 2012 (Yellowstone)

Last year, our roadtrip took us from Tallahassee, FL all the way to Fundy National Park in New Brunswick, CA, around through Quebec to Quebec City and Montreal, then further west to Toronto and Niagara Falls, before heading south to Washington DC and, finally, back to Tallahassee. For the general travel mileage between primary destinations, the trip was 4,911 miles according to Google maps. This year, we are going to take it just a little bit further.

Our preliminary route for the Summer 2012 roadtrip (Map courtesy of Google Maps).

Last year’s trip was primarily focused on the Bay of Fundy. That was the ultimate destination of the trip and used the destination to plan the other legs of the trip. Originally we wanted to go just to Washington D.C., but the idea of driving to Fundy was too exciting. This year, the ultimate goal of our trip is to reach Yellowstone National Park in Montana. Since we have family and friends on the way out there, those stops have been worked into the plan. The return trip, however, is a bit of a mess and still needs some work.

Google maps has the current route at just shy of 5,500 miles.


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