The Birdfeeder Dilemma

Squirrels. You may have heard of them. After several attempts to make our birdfeeder impossible to reach, the squirrels always seem one step ahead. At first, I simply threw up the birdfeeder without caring how it was hanging. I quickly learned that squirrels are clever enough to know when a rope is attached to the top of a the birdfeeder, that an easily accesible portion of the rope can be chewed through to convienently bring the birdfeeder crashing gratefully to the ground.

After shortening the rope and making the hanger directly below the overhang, I learned that squirrels are miraculous climbers willing to pull off moves like Sly Stallone in the B-movie blockbuster Cliffhanger. So again, attempting to outwit my opponents, I fashioned what I thought to be the pinnacle in clever birdfeeder suspension. By placing one hanger underneath the overhand with another on the house wall parallel with it, I strung a rope between the two and had the birdfeeder suspended between. Quite proud of my engineering marvel, I waited several minutes to see what the squirrels would make of this revolutionary new challenge.

Yet, again, I have been defeated. My only possible avenue left to me is in those anti-squirrel birdfeeders. I am sorry you have brought us to this point, squirrels, but your diabolical theivery will come to an end. Oh yes, it will come to an end.

Below is an obligatory video of the birdfeeder with some friendly (non-squirrel) guests. I shall update with the new birdfeeder as soon as I get it.



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